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Tuition Policy

Providing a Christ-centered education for our children has proven to be very challenging in different ways for all families. Financing Christian education is one of these challenges; in our society this is becoming more and more difficult. Christian education seems to cost more each year and continues to frustrate families who struggle with finances.

On the positive side, our BCS supporters and our churches have helped the school tremendously, recognizing that BCS parents cannot do it by themselves. Whenever possible, families are expected to pay the full cost of educating their children. All families are accountable to pay the set tuition, which is determined annually by the Board.

If a family has difficulty paying the set tuition, it has the responsibility to ask for financial help from family members or relatives. Those unable to pay this tuition, must apply to the Grant Committee for assistance. The applicant will be required to give  specific financial information during the application process, e.g. income tax data, supporting multiple Christian schools, anticipated special circumstances, etc. The Grant Committee will review each application for assistance. The Committee will ensure that each family makes a satisfactory commitment and will report to the Treasurer the amount of tuition that each family is accountable for and the total amount of assistance needed.

If a family's income declines, the family may ask the Grant Committee to review the application. Also, if a family's income increases after a grant has been given, it is expected that the family will increase its tuition payments. We trust that each family will make an honest assessment of its financial status and pay the required tuition so that the financing of Christian education will be shared by all families.

Note: Full cost tuition = total budget number of families. Tuition is determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership at the Spring membership meeting.