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Staff Members

BCS teachers are fully qualified. All the teaching staff have earned university or Christian liberal arts college degrees and/or graduated from Teachers College. Our teachers hold Permanent Ontario Teachers Certificates and/or Christian School Teachers Certificates or the equivalent. Professional growth and development is encouraged, expected and supported at BCS. It is also nurtured using fellow staff members' expertise where possible.
All BCS teachers are committed Christians! BCS staff not only subscribes to the faith basis of our Constitution, but also share the school's Christian educational philosophy and perspective. Our teachers open windows on God's world for our students, modeling a Biblical vision for all of life and learning. BCS is privileged to have an exceptional faculty and support staff. We consider it an honour to be able to list the following names.

Justin DeMoor  > Click to contact
Justin joined BCS after serving for 7 years as the principal at a Christian school in Toronto.  He has over 15 years of teaching experience in primary, junior, intermediate, and high school classrooms.  He has both his B.A. and B.Ed. from King's University in Alberta, and his M.Ed. from Calvin College in Michigan. He holds both a Christian School Teacher Certificate (CSTC & CSPC) and a Christian School Principals Certificate. 

Vice-Principal and Part-time Teacher
Francine Roth > Click to contact
Francine is a vice-principal and a part-time teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. She has been a supply teacher for several years as well spending time at home caring for her three boys. She has her Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University, Hamilton and she received her B. Ed. from Windsor University. She serves on the Education Committee as well as oversees the ESL programming at BCS.

Vice-Principal and Part-time Grade 3 Teacher
Leanna Silver > Click to contact
Leanna is our grade three teacher and a vice-principal.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Redeemer University College. She has skills in constructive classroom management as well as in assessing individual student needs. She enjoys organizing special events and is quite a sports enthusiast!

Administrative Assistant
Karen Van Houten > Click to contact
Karen is the office Administrator and comes to us with much experience in education. As a former teacher and mother of three children, one at BCS, and two at HDCH Karen is a very busy and active Mom. Karen's husband works full time as a structural steel detailer and the Vanhouten family enjoy country living on their farm. 

Financial Assistant
Gloria Groeliker > Click to contact
Gloria has been our Financial Assistant since 1996. She has an honours B.A. of Administration from Brock University. Gloria worked as a junior chartered accountant for some time before joining the staff at BCS. 
Financial Manager.
Nathan Randall  > Click to Contact 
Nathan joins our Finance Team this year.  He has 13 years of experience as a professional accountant and is at BCS on Tuesdays. He also pastors the Hartford Baptist Church and enjoys spending time with his family.

Junior and Senior Kindergarten
Barbara Foster > Click to contact
Barbara is our junior and senior kindergarten teacher. She has established a strong kindergarten program and the children love being in her class. She has several years of experience in the primary grades, as well as in resource teaching. Her teaching degree is from York University.

Educational Assistant
Tracy Gecas: Tracy is no stanger to BCS having had one child already graduate from the school and has two more in school now.  She took her educational training at Mohawk College and has been working with Kindergarten for the last few years and prior to that helped with special needs students in other classes.  Tracy is full time, in Jk  each week.  We appreciate her expertise in the classroom.  
Personal Support Workers
Debbie Sequin:Debbie has been at BCS for many years, working closely alongside our special needs children in several grades throughout the school.  She currently works with students in Grade 3 and also in Grade 2.  We all appreciate Debbie's care and concern for our special needs students.
Lynn McDougall: Lynn currently works with students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 along with Debbie.  Lynn has been back at BCS for three years.  She worked with a special needs student at BCS some years ago and since then has worked with students at Landsdowne school in Brantford. We are delighted to have Lynn back with us and we appreciate her professional help with our special needs students.

Grade 1 Home Room
Elaine Westerveld-Zwep > Click to contact
Elaine is our grade one teacher. She has many years of experience in the grade one area. She introduced the four block method of teaching reading and writing to our school. She has her Ontario Teacher's Certificate, and has acquired many courses in the area of primary education. Elaine's experience in grade one is an invaluable asset to our school.

Grade 2 Home Room
Sandra Belanger > Click to contact
Sandra is currently teaching in grade two for 90% of the time. She graduated from Guelph with her Bachelor of Arts in 1991 and received her Ontario Christian School Teaching Certificate from Redeemer University in 1992. She taught for 6 years and then spent several years at home raising three children. Sandra has spent many years supply teaching at BCS and is delighted to be part of our staff. We are blessed by her many gifts in the Language Arts area and she loves organizing the junior teams for Battle of the Books.

Grade 3 Home Room
Carly Dreise > Click to contact
Carly has her degree in Education from Redeemer University College and is currently teaching Grade 3 along with Mrs. Leanna Silver. She also teaches music to grades 2-4 and oversees the primary choir.  Carly has a passion for music and a love for her students!

Grade 4 Home Room
Jannette Mazereeuw > Click to contact
Jannette is not new to our community because she is a parent and has served on the Education Committee. She has also been our supply teacher for several years. Mrs. Mazereeuw has received her teacher training at the Christian University of the Netherlands and University of Western Ontario in London.

Grade 5 Home Room
Barbara Vandersar > Click to contact
Barbara has been on staff since 2005. She is a graduate of Redeemer University-College with a degree in Education. She enjoys organizing the Battle of the Books reading competition, coaching our girls in soccer and basketball teams and works on the planning of Run the Race each September. She brings many gifts and talents to BCS.
Grade 6 Home Room, Art
Valerie Vanderwoerd > Click to contact
Valerie currently teaches math, Bible and art to the grade 6 class and is also the home room teacher.  She began her post-secondary education at Kings University in Edmonton, Alberta.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Education from Calvin College, in Michigan.  She taught in Guelph for three years, and then spent several years at home raising her four children.  She continues to teach the art progarm to grades 2-8 and is enoying her love of teaching this subject.
Grade 6 Teacher
Jennifer Dreise > Click to contact
Jennifer teaches language arts to the grade 6. She has previously taught French and Geography at Woodland Christian Secondary School.  Jennifer has her BA/BED from Redeemer University College.
Grade 7 Home Room
Jeff Summerhays > Click to contact
Jeff comes to us from Imlay City where he taught for five years. He is a Dordt College graduate with a Phys Ed major. He loves to run and coach sports teams. He is our grade 7 home room teacher and sports events coordinator.
Grade 8 Home Room
Laura Geerts > Click to contact
Laura currently is the grade 8 home room teacher and also teaches music to grade 7. She received her Degree in Education from Redeemer University College and taught for three years in grades 2-4 at Burlington Christian Academy.  Laura loves teaching grade 8 and sharing her joy of music!

Resource Teacher

Lori Summerhays > Click to contact

Lori is one of our part-time resource teachers.  She has joined our staff this year. She is a graduate of Dordt College and has her Part 1 and 2 Special Education qualifications.  Lori loves helping students develop to realize their potential. 
Resource Teacher
Lena VanBruinessen >Click to contact
Lena is our part-time resource teacher. She is a graduate of Redeemer University College's Bachelor of Education program and has her Part 1 and 2 Special Education qualifications.  Previously Lena taught in Grades 3-7. She is passionate about helping students achieve success in their learning.                                                                                                                         
Lauren Barnes
Lauren began as the Custodian in September 2016. She is a former BCS student.

Bus Drivers

Dale Renout

Harry Dyk

Fran Illerbrun

Sara Joosse-Flikkema

Christal Lambert

Board Members 2017-2018

President: Mike Bekendam
Vice President: Eric Andree
Treasurer: Aron Reppington
Secretary: MoniqueOosterhoff

Ben Schrik  

Heidi Gorter

Ken Vandenberg

Matthew Wahtras