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VOLUNTEERS WANTED!: The Resource Thrift Store is one of Brantford Christian School's main fundraisers.  It is looking for volunteers. This is a great way for all of us - including current members, our family members (e.g. grandparents) and alumni - to get involved.  At this time, a day manager and a driver(s) are two specific volunteer positions that the store is looking for.  If this is something you could potentially help with or have inquiries about, please contact Cheryl Karsten @ 519.304.1484.  

The Transportation Committee is searching for spare bus drivers! There is a need for spare bus drivers who are available to be on call for emergency situations or for future job availability. A B licence is required. Please let the office know if you are interested.  

New Book from BCS Parent: Susan Zuidema, a parent at BCS, recently completed a book. This is a brief description of the book. For more information or to order a copy please email her directly at info@mychildmychance.com.

Parents are waking up to the dangers of today’s sex education.  They need solid, Bible-based resources to help protect their children from the confusion surrounding gender and sexuality.  

My Child, My Chance sounds the alarm about the gender and sexual identity ideology embedded in today’s public education.  It exposes how from kindergarten through high school, children are being taught to consider their gender as fluid and their sexuality as beyond their control.  Stigma, culture, religion, media, stereotypes, homophobia, self-image, and self-awareness are identified in public school curriculum as barriers to accepting all forms of gender identity and sexuality.  In reading My Child, My Chance, you will come to recognize the approach taken to tackle and topple these barriers one by one.  You will see how a child’s sense of identity can be eroded, affecting who they believe themselves to be.

Using Ontario’s curriculum as a case-in-point, My Child, My Chance serves as a guide for parents in any region of Canada or the United States.  Breaking down the harmful messages that dominate the curriculum and culture, it equips parents to recognize the strategies and ideologies that put their children at risk.  In the process, parents will find that God’s Word is still living and active as it applies to culture and the issues they face today.


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