We are still accepting registrations for some grades! Please contact us to book a tour.
Check out this article from the Brantford Expositor regarding our building expansion!
We had a wonderful Celebration of Learning!  Thank you to everyone who came out to see our students and their beautiful work!
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Wednesday Sep. 5 - 2018
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Monday Sep. 10 - 2018

Enrollment at BCS

Enrollment continues to be steady in grades JK through Grade Eight. We are proud to offer a Christian education for children from all Christian families and denominations within the Brantford community.

Would you like to enroll your children as students at Brantford Christian School?
Here are some steps you can take to get the process started:

STEP 1 - Contact us
We are happy to sit down with you to talk about BCS and its programs, and how your child will grow academically, spiritually and socially. We'll also discuss the school's expectations and what you as parents can expect from the school. We'll cover a variety of topics, including what Christian education involves; Christian faith background; school programs; your child's academic background; special needs your child may have; tuition fees and payment process; transportation (if needed); and any questions or concerns you may have as a parent. We'll take you on a tour of our beautiful facilities. We suggest that you visit during school hours so that you can see the school in operation and meet our staff. Why not bring your child so that they, too, can experience the daily life at BCS. You'll go home with an information package that provides all the details about educational programs, enrollment fees and transportation.

STEP 2 - Fill in a registration form:
When you are satisfied that all your questions have been answered, and that you believe this is the school for your children, you will fill out the registration form. Along with the form, you will need to send in either your child's birth certificate (if this is your child's first school) or a copy of your child's report card. As well, you'll need to attach a cheque for $300, which is the cost for membership in the Brantford Christian School Society. This fee entitles you to be a voting member of the BCS Society to help determine tuition fees and school direction.

STEP 3 - Tuition Payments:
You will receive a tuition statement and information about how to best make payments. Once tuition payments are in place, your family is formally enrolled at BCS.

STEP 4 - School Visit:
Depending on the time of year or your personal circumstance, you may wish to have your child(ren) visit the school for a morning or afternoon so that they get to know their teacher and future classmates. We do this in a variety of ways, so we'll likely talk about this during our personal visit in Step 1.

If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the office. We're here Monday through Friday, and we would be happy to talk with you!