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Book Fair 2012

Thank you to all those who supported our Book Fair this year and thank you to all those involved in making it such a great success!

All day Thursday, Feb. 23rd was dedicated to the Book Fair. We began with guest author Barbara Reid at 9am. when she visited the kindergarten room. The children enjoyed her very much at each of the presentations she made throughout the day in the gym. The students were captivated by Ms. Reid and it was notable how attentive they were to her as she explained in detail how she made her plasticine pictures for her books. We all enjoyed seeing how she put the pictures together resulting in the beautiful books we have come to know and love.

Ms. Reid commented on the excellent work displayed in the gym and was quite overwhelmed by all the preparations made for her visit. She took lots of pictures of the art work on the walls and made mention that she might like to use some of them on her website!

She really enjoyed the day and was quite taken by what she called the "lovely atmosphere" in our school, We really enjoyed her too and we appreciate the time she took to talk with students and also to sign many books for us!

We are very thankful too for the great turnout in the evening for the Open House. The book sale was a great success too with over $2300 in sales from Scholastic alone. We also recieved almost $300 in profit of sales from Living Books!

In total BCS received over $1100 in cash and product from the Book Fair as profit, which will go toward books for the school!

We thank everyone who supported this fun event and we look forward to our next Book Fair in four years time!

Book Fair 2012 Album

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